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"Where Talent is Stretched!"

Gymnastics Elite is a different type of competitive experience than what has become the norm of El Paso gymnastics. It can be said that we are raising the bar and providing the absolute best opportunity for our athletes to get as close as possible to the dreams and goals they set for this sport. While most local gyms do not open up until 3 pm, we are starting practices as early as 8:00 am to better maximize the efficiency of our athlete’s workouts. We are very aware of the competition that is out there at all levels, and because of that we instill into our athletes and their parents the importance of hard work, discipline, and passion; in hopes of seeing them rewarded for their dedication with time up on 


the podium  and titles no other athlete in El Paso has received. USA Gymnastics has the best developmental program in the world, and thanks to it our coaching staff is trained and up to date with the newest trends and techniques to improve our athletes’ performance in and out of the gym. We do not under-estimate the physicality required to perform well in gymnastics, so our training plan includes a core set of conditioning skills that we work hard to perfect with our athletes, along with a conditioning program like no other! It is safe to say that our athletes truly enjoy conditioning here at Elite. Our goal is to build strong bodies for the sport, but stronger minds for life.


Junior Olympic

T.O.P's & Hopes

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