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If you're a parent of a young child (ages 18 months - 4 years)

you probably can relate to some of the following thoughts:

"I want my kid to learn sports but I don't want to enroll him yet because he's too young to play on a team, and I don't even know what he'd be good at yet."


"How many play dates with different kids will it take for my kid to learn how to play with other kids his age? They really don't have cousins or siblings their age."


"I"m a stay at home mom, I don't really need daycare. But should I enroll them in one to get them used to teachers and caretakers other than myself?" 

"How many trips to Chuck E. Cheese, Tiny Explorers, and the park will be enough for my child to learn the social skills needed to feel confident at school on their own? I'm not made out of money."

Sound familiar? Or something along these lines? We know. Want to know how we know? Cause we talk to hundreds of parents that are facing the same challenges, and we've been able to help them feel better about such fears by doing something as simple as enrolling their kids in classes.



Kids In Our Preschool Gymnastics Classes Learn Basics Like, Fwd & Bwd Rolls, Small Handstands & Cartwheels, Gymnastics Positions & Terms, And Work On Obstacle Courses Designed Around The Common Gymnastics Events Like Bars, Beam, & Floor.
They Also Incorporate Colors, Shapes, Numbers, And More To Make Learning Gymnastics Fun & Easy.
Being In A Small Class With Other Kids Their Age, Also Teaches Them How To Interact With Other Kids Their Age.
Our Preschool Gymnastics Classes...
Are Classes That Teach Your Child How Fun Learning New Things Is & How To Have Fun With Other Kids Their Age, Too
through the use of gymnastics skills, obstacle courses, and stations!
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Feel confident knowing your child has the experience and skills they need to make starting school FUN & EASY!

Without Having To Organize an Entire Array of Activities....

We consider ourselves the gymnastics pros. We've always lead the way in finding systems and programming that will make the biggest different in the lives of our athletes and their families! As passionate as we are about helping kids grow, we are constantly asking parents about the challenges their kids face. If our sport can help battle those challenges, then we work our butt off to implement those teachings into our programs so that kids can continue to grow. We simply use gymnastics as the vehicle to teach kids to overcome problems we KNOW they're going to face.

"Who Are We?"

IMG_7135 2.webp

It all started when we began to implement ideas into our competitive programs that were uncommon in our industry. It was almost as if, no one was willing to even try. When we found that taking a different approach could bring El Paso kids quicker and more long-lasting results, we quickly begin to find ways of doing that through ALL of our programs. Knowing that all it took was some time, creativity, and some programming to get it through to our coaches was all we needed to venture out to say "Hey Parents, come check us out, because we're confident we can help YOU!"

"Why Are We Doing This?"


"How Can I Get Information?"


Book a tour! It's free, no strings attached. In all honesty, all parents come in with different fears and challenges. We want you to see what it is you will be investing in, because we see it as that. For us, it's not just an activity but an opportunity to really impact your child's life for their future. Our Sales Reps will be able to take you through our facility and programs and see whether or not becoming a long-term Gymnastics Elite family will benefit you or not. If we gave all of this info out over the phone or online, we'd never get off the phone or the keyboard. You can also get scheduling & enrollment information during the tour, so no worries!

"How Can I Get A FREE Tour?!"

1. Submit Your Information To Us.

2. Pick A Time And Date To Come Ask Us Questions.

3. Learn How We Can Help!

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