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Sparklers Pre-Competitive Team (Ages 5 – 7)


Sparklers is another of our pre-competitive gymnastics program that prepares girls physically to enter into our Junior Olympic team as Level 3 at the beginning of each calendar year. During their time on Sparklers girls will focus on perfecting the basics of gymnastics in order to enter team with a strong foundation that they can work off of. These girls train approximately 5 hours a week.


This is an invitation only team. Anyone interested in joining Sparklers should inquire at the desk or with their coach to have their child evaluated.

Diamonds Pre-Competitive Team (Ages 3 – 5)


Diamonds is our pre-competitive gymnastics program that concentrates on preparing girls to enter into USA Gymnastics Talent Opportunity Program (TOPs) when they turn 7. In this program, girls will begin to build the strength, flexibility, technique, and mental toughness needed to successfully accomplish the skills required to be chosen to enter into the TOPs program. Diamonds is a home-school program, which means athletes/parents interested in enrolling need to consider the homeschooling option. These girls train a total of 15 hours a week.

This team is an invitation only team. Girls will be asked to join at the discretion of the General Manager and Head Coach.

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