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 At Gymnastics Elite we are ...Powered by kids! We don't just say it, we mean it. Every child that comes through our door contributes to our purpose for waking up every morning. There will be long and exhausting days, but the reward will be to accomplish something far greater than yourself. You will be expected to put in the hustle, the grind, passion, and give it your all. We expect all of our employees to be improving themselves continuously. You will be held accountable to our 10 Core Values and will be expected to hold your teammates accountable. Our values are what hold our company together and keep us doing what we do. By being part of our staff, we ask that you take a long thorough look into our Business, because we want to ensure that you're just as passionate about our purpose as we are.

Growing in our company

Front Desk Associate
Sales Representative
Retention Manager
Front Desk

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CALL CENTER AGENTS – Call center agents are here to serve our customers over the phone. From processing payments to scheduling a missed class, these agents are the first to answer incoming calls. CCAs are responsible for contacting all potential members and providing them with any information they may need about the facility, its programs, and all current events.

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SALES REPRESENTATIVES – Our sales representatives are the first to be seen when walking in to the facility. They handle any and all questions our customers may have about the facility and its programs. They are the first impression of the gym, and the first to build a bond with families that come through the door. From giving facility information to prospecting the current events at the gym, representatives are responsible for providing our customers with exceptional customer service.

SALES RECRUITER - We put a lot of trust into our Sales Recruiter.Sales Recruiter has all the same responsibilities as a Sales Representative, with the added responsibility of recruiting the right individuals to join our team.This is a great stepping-stone in our company. It gives you the opportunity to be empowered, solve problems and have a huge impact in our company.As a Sales Recruiter a big part of your job/duties is not only to find the right fit for potential call center agents but to fulfill all hiring procedures and get new hires started as Call Center Agents. An extreme amount of leadership skills are important to hold this position, as we will expect you to help bring your team up to higher positions and promotions as you grow in the company.

CUSTOMER OPERATIONS SPECIALISTS  (COS) - assist members at front counter with any concerns while providing excellent customer service and training Sales Recruiter to be prepared to become COS in the future. Customer service is a key priority for a COS, and ensuring that all policies and procedures are being followed from beginning to end to ensure the quality of service being provided. COSs are also responsible to handle situations that may arise from a lack of great customer service resulting in an upset parent/customer. They are expected to work with said customers and provide solutions to improve or solve issue while staying within the policies and procedures set out in place.COS persons are expected to showcase a great amount of leadership skills in order to work with the Office Personnel team. COS must work with all position below to ensure all office staff members are being adequately trained and worked with.

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