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"Learn How You Can Still Help Your Child Be Healthy And Fit, Even If They’ve Already Tried Sports And Didn’t Like Any Of Them..."

Kids Will Learn That Being Healthy And Fit Can Be FUN! We Will Go Over The Basics Of Working Out, And Help Them Learn To Get Stronger Through The Use Of Games, Challenges, And A Class That Meets Them Where They’re At...
Jumpstart Fitness
For Kids Is A Class That Can Help Children Learn To Be
Healthy, And Develop Strength
 Without The Pressures Of
Competing Or Playing A Team Sport... 
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We At Gymnastics Elite Are Looking To Help El Paso kids’ Stay Off The Couch And Away From The Screen. We Understand That There Is A Big Percentage Of Kids That Decide They Do Not Like The Sports They Try Out, And Because They Don’t Participate In An Activity Early On, Have A Harder Time Deciding To Be Healthy Later On In Life.

"Who Are We?"

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"Why Are We Doing This?"


One thing we’ve noticed while doing what we love to do, is that the kids that went through our sport THEN moved on to other sports, went into these sports as beginners and quickly became some of the strongest athletes on those teams. That told us we knew how to help kids be athletic and we want to share that with other kids in El Paso!

"How Can I Get Information?"


Book Your Tour! It’s Free, No Strings Attached. But It Allows Us To Take The Time And Discuss Goals And Benefits You’re Hoping Your Child Will Gain Through The Investment You Would Making For Their Future By Enrolling Them In Our Program. During The Tour, We Will Cover Schedules, Pricing, Enrollment Info, And Also Be Able To Answer Any And All Questions You Might Have!

"How Can I Get A FREE Tour?!"

1. Submit Your Information To Us.

2. Pick A Time And Date To Come Ask Us Questions.

3. Learn How We Can Help!

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