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Frequently Asked Questions

? Question 1: How old do they have to be to start?

Answer: We start little ones up in gymnastics as early as 18 months. And our Preschool Gymnastics program teaches kids between the ages of 18 months to 4 years of age, divided by age groups.

? Question 2: What do they learn in gymnastics at this age?

Answer: In this program, we introduce kids to the basic shapes and positions of gymnastics, along with some of the easier skills such as forward rolls and backward rolls. We use lots of colors, shapes, and imaginative play to help the kids learn and have fun doing gymnastics!

? Question 3: How long are the classes?

Answer: Our Rollie Pollies (18 months - 2 years) classes are 45 minutes long, and our Jumping Jellybeans (3 - 4 year old) classes are 55 minutes long. 

? Question 4: Can I observe the class while my child participates?

Answer: For our youngest students, the Rollie Pollies (18 months - 2 years) an adult is required to participate in class with them. Mommy or daddy are on hand to help baby feel safe and comfortable, and coaches are on hand to help the mommies and daddies spot skills correctly. Jumping Jellybeans (3 - 4 years) enter class on their own but Mommy & Daddy are able to watch everything from our lobby. Our Preschool classes work right in front of our 6 lobby windows.

? Question 5: Do they compete?

Answer: Our preschool gymnastics program is a recreational program that teaches kids gymnastics, but as they begin to grow and move up in levels the opportunity of competitive gymnastics is presented to parents, so at some point you may choose to have your kids begin training for competitive gymnastics. Coaches evaluate kids daily and will keep you informed on their progress!

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"I regret giving my child the opportunity to build better characteristics." 

- Said No One Ever

PS - So heres the scoop - we love working with kids. For the most part, 90% of our students move-up rather fast. As long as you're willing to bring your child to the practices, and help make sure they are trying their Best they should do just fine!

>>>> Most parents make the mistake of leaving sports before their kid's even get a chance to learn actual character traits. They give up on them too fast.    We hope you're like us and agree that sports are about unlocking things that will help children later in life!

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