Super Kids Ages 3-18 Yrs.

Our Super Kids classes are classes that are set-up for children that may have suffered from hearing loss or deafness, low vision or blindness, health impairments, learning, physical, or developmental disabilities, emotional and behavior disorders or children who have suffered injuries that has affected their ability to learn gymnastics in a mainstream recreational class environment. We hope to promote physical health and increase their confidence by enlisting our Super Coaches’ patience and compassion to help Super Kids gain strength, improve motor skills, and learn gymnastics at their own pace.

Each of our Super Kids has different class options:

  • Private Lessons – which can range in length from 30, 45, to 60 minutes, and will give them a more one-on-one approach to learning gymnastics. This can be scheduled according to the availability of the student, their family, and our Super Coaches class schedule.

  • Mainstream recreational classes with an assistant coach devoted to helping our Super Child throughout class. This can provide an opportunity for the student to be in a class with other students but with the confidence of having a “shadow” coach there to assist them throughout class rotations and skill stations.

Before, enrolling into our Super Kids program and classes, we do ask that a meeting is scheduled between the child and our Super Coaches to map out what goals you may have in mind to ensure maximum benefit for the student. During this meeting, coaches will meet and greet you and your child to get to know the student and their disability and together create the best class course for the child.  CALL 915-590-9056 to schedule an appointment. 

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  • Gymnastics Classes in El Paso, TX
  • Gymnastics Classes in El Paso, TX
  • Gymnastics Classes in El Paso, TX