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12115 Rojas Ste. 900, El Paso, Texas, 79936

We know how important it is for young boys and girls to learn discipline, build their confidence, and learn to have courage! We also know the struggle parents face, trying to expose their children to programs and activities that will teach kids these sorts of things.

Through the use of obstacle courses and gymnastics and tumbling skills, NinjaZone gives their students what they need to accomplish things they may have never tried before.


Parents that enroll their children in our NinjaZone program at Gymnastics Elite have the piece of mind knowing their children are being developed and taught by instructors that will help them learn to overcome fear and accomplish new skills. 

Give your child the opportunity to learn to be brave, strong, and their best athlete. 


Buy 8 classes, get a FREE shirt, a FREE Kids Night Out, and $1 registration for ONLY $139.00!

NinjaZone helps...

- teach flexibility in their bodies and life. 

- learn what strength can do! Strong body and strong mind! 

- overcome fears! Our students go from “I can’t” to “I CAN!”

- teach the importance of managing themselves and not time. Homework becomes a priority before practice. 

- build focus and discipline. 

- improve grades, social, and leadership skills.

- develop skills and traits that will push their athleticism and success in their childhood, and into adulthood.

Check out how easy it is to get started...

Step 1 - book your tour! What program is the best fit for your family and children? 
Step 2 - Purchase your 8 classes! Choose a day and time that fits you best. 
Step 3 - Enroll and watch the progress start! 

What is Ninja Zone?

CALL OR TEXT NOW 915-590-9056

12115 Rojas Ste. 900, El Paso, Texas, 79936

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