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Temporary Closed...


What if Gymnastics Elite were to close for 30 MORE days?

What are our kids going to do without their teachers, schooling, and P.E. courses?

How can we continue to enrich and develop our kids lives AND get our own work done at home?
What if our children back track in any kind of progress they've made at school or in gym?
Could this quarantine lifestyle have any long term affects on my children that we haven't thought through?

What more activities can I do to keep my kids and myself sane? 
A hard reality, that we were all trying to actively avoid has just come true. We will not be returning to our normal lives until May, maybe even June. Even worse? Our kids just went from being incredibly busy human beings, to homebodies, and if we aren't careful...couch potatoes! 
This is how we will handle it! THAT'S RIGHT! Gymnastics Elite classes and workouts will now be online and virtual. And we couldn't be more excited about it. 
Starting on Monday, April 6th we are going to do exactly that!
We will be:
1.) Running live and level-specific classes by program 2 days a week for 45-60 minutes.
2.) Hosting group workouts geared towards increasing strength and flexibility for skills 3 days a week.
3.) Uploading tons of content on our to give your family fun workouts to do together and more challenges and activities for the kids.

  • Internet

  • A phone, tablet or laptop

  • Zoom account with your child’s name

  • No experience!

  • No gym equipment

  • And a great attitude. :)

Hats off to all you parents! You've been promoted in life. You are now your child's teacher, personal chef, personal trainer, life coach, activity director, housekeeper, personal assistant AND MORE. But here is how Gymnastics Elite can help moving forward...
Let us help you get a little of your time back each and everyday, and help your child tune in to classes and fun all throughout the week. 

The truth is, you and your child have invested so much already. Think back to when you first enrolled for classes..what is it that you were hoping to gain for your child? Since you enrolled, your child has put in day after day of learning new skills, overcoming fears, working towards being better, and more. Has your child achieved what you hoped they’d achieve by joining our classes? Now, imagine what would happen to their accomplishments so far if they were to take 2 months off. Whether your child has reached their goals or not…taking 2 months off will definitely change that. 

Your kids need you to help them protect their investments. Allow them to return to normal life (once it’s safe and this is over), with what they went into quarantine with and more!


Live Classes with our best coaches focused on continuing their growth in our programs and classes!

Fun & easy workouts that can be done at home AND that will help continue their gym development!

FREE and unlimited access to our 2 new sites filled with family workouts and activities for all kids!


"Will there be any refunds for March?" 


Concerning March tuition payments, we will be offering the following options to recompensing families for the 3 missed weeks of classes in March:


1.) We will be offering a week of 1/2 day camps for each week we were out in March. Half day camps are available Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 11:30 am OR 11:30 am to 3:00 pm.


2.) Scheduling the total amount of classes missed in March as make-ups once the gym is back up and running. 


Regarding April tuition, we will be continuing with classes virtually and online. This is new territory for all, but as quarantined as we all are, life must go on. And it's up to us to help our children adapt and conform to what life will be like for the next few weeks/months. If your family has been financially affected please reach out to our billing department ( and we will do our best to work with you. 


"I'd like to cancel my membership or place my account on hold."


We know these times are strange, and scary, and that our return time is not for certain. We are working with families that are wanting to place their accounts on hold for the months of April, and possibly May, depending on when the gym is allowed to open back up. At this time we are not processing any membership cancellations, and will re-address this once we know more about when the gym will be able to continue running in-person classes. 


"I'm not sure I want my child to participate in online/virtual classes." 


We weren't sure we wanted to conduct online classes at the beginning of this pandemic, as well. We struggled with the thought that without the gym, we weren't able to teach kids what we love, gymnastics or tumbling or tricking. 


But after a few weeks of staying at home, and after talking to parents and what they feared and struggled with in this new way of life; we reconsidered. 


Think of it like cooking. When taking on a recipe, before actually cooking the dish you have to gather your ingredients, measuring, prepping, chopping, mixing, pre-heating, then cooking. The equipment of our sport is the last step in a recipe, and definitely not the most important. Without each piece of the recipe, the final dish can be disastrous. 


We realized that there is still TONS of value that we can provide our students. And even more, we realized that this could be a blessing in disguise that gives us and our students the opportunity to fit in more than we normally do in an hour long class, twice a week. Also, that parents and children needed as much support as possible in this time. 


Once we began running live workouts with our competitive athletes we realized that not only was this totally possible, but that it was necessary. Our girls LOVED it, and it was obvious that they were craving it. 


Our classes for our recreational classes will still take our students through their basic shapes, strength moves, basics, and techniques. The following weeks will allow all of our students to build a better understanding of their program, goals, and more, allowing them to come back to class STRONGER than they left. 


The alternative is to stop. To take another "normal" away from our children. Leaving them with what? Their tablets, Netflix & Disney+, and the same amount of energy they had when going to school, extra-curricular, play dates, outings and more. The alternative is also to allow them to lose the progress they've made at the gym, thus far. Whether that progress was big or small. Bad habits are very easy to create, but impossibly hard to break! 

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