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New Renovations at Gymnastics Elite

Winter Break 2013 was one for the books for us here at Gymnastics Elite. An extra 5,000 sq ft here, a new spring floor there, lots of painting, some power tools, and hard work by our staff we are happy to say that our gym now feels like new!

To start off with, notice anything different about that back wall inside the gym? We went from drab to fab! That gray concrete wall used to take away from any snapshots taken inside the gym, so we decided to paint it white and bring some brightness back into the gym.

Our preschoolers have always wanted to play in our foam up, but safety concerns has kept us from sending them in on their own. Well, now, we have built a foam pit especially for our little ones! It even comes with a climbing rope for them to work on their upper body strength! You’ll be seeing a lot of playing in that this first month of classes.

Ever look into the gym and notice how crowded it can be? Our staff has always been good at following the rotations set out to ensure equal time and space on all of the events throughout classes, but now we have an extra 5,000 sq ft to work with! We have expanded to the space adjacent to Elite, and placed a spring floor in that space to accommodate more of the cheer groups that we have, which most of the time needs majority of the floor to practice routines and their cross-tumbling. Hopefully, in the future, you’ll see more spring floors and even some new programs in there!

Our front desk is looking brand new as well with a new color on the countertops and some shiny gloss! We even included our logo on it to welcome our customers as they walk through our doors!

And finally, on to our brand new 42x42 spring floor, which is incredibly soft! It took us a total of 18 hours to assemble it but we PREVAILED, thanks to our awesome coaches!

We hope you enjoy our renovations as much as we are! Thanks for your continued support throughout the years! Without you, none of this would’ve been possible.

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