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I'm to sick to attend practice

A sick child is never a walk in the park. But what we want to talk about today is "how sick is too sick to attend practices". At time these decisions are a no-brainer but we all come across that one particular time when maybe you didn't know if it was a good idea. Well, after we did some reading, we've gathered some information that may help you with the right decision.

After all in some sports it is crucial that your child attends practice as often as possible to support the team, to sleep there endurance up and also to remain knowledgable about changes to plays and routines.


Go to practice:

Your child is good to go he/she is over 4 months old, has a temperature below 100.4°F, is doing well with drinking fluids and doesn't seem to have change in personality.

No practice:

If your child is 4 months old or younger and has a small fever or a sudden change in behavior; practice is out. Older children should stay home if their temps rise above 100.4°F. A feverish child is not only considered contagious, but is also probably not feeling well enough to learn or participate. Keep him home until he's been fever-free for 24 hours and is feeling like his usual self.


Go to practice

If your child has only dry heaved once within the last 24 hours. He or she is not at risk of dehydration. At times the body need to release mucus from the previous sickness and this may come off as bad new but isn't, which mean they may attend practice

No practice:

If your child has thrown up more than two times within the last 24 hours. It is best that you do not attend practice. Also keep an eye on dehydration. He/she may be fighting an infection and should stay away until antibiotics are taken and wait for at least 24 hours.

Red eyes
Go to practice:

When your child's eye is a little pink he or she may only have small irritation to a small object in the eye or has common allergies in which he/she can attend practice.

No practice :

If you see a bright red area in the white of your child's eye and you see yellow and green discharge. Your child may be fight conjunctivitis and should not be release until your child has been on antibiotics for 24 hours.

Go to practice:

If your child's stool is slightly loose and doesn't use the restroom more than 3 times in one moment then your child is good to go. Your child may have consumed to much fruit juice and the stomach I releasing some of that content.

No practice:

If your child is going more the three times within an few hours he/she may be fighting an infection. Just like vomiting keep and eye on dehydration, blood and mucus. With these cases it is best that your child stays home.

Sore throat

Go to practice:

Many children will come across a soar throat and runny nose. As long as the do not have a fever or swollen or red sections of the back throat send them off.

No practice:

If the soar throat is accompanied by fever redness, swollen glands, headache or stomachache keep your child home. It maybe a good idea to go get strep tested by your doctor. It is recommended to take antibiotics and wait 24 hours to join practice or class.


Go to practice:

If this is the only think that your child is feeling go ahead and send this of. Many cases it can be constipation which a head can go a long way

No practice:

Stomach aches that are accompanied by fever vomiting and diarrhea should make a trip to the doctor. Sharp pain coming from the stomach may be sever constipation, appendicitis, or bowel obstruction.

Information is gather from "Is my child to sick for school" by Suzanne Schlosberg which is pediatrician approved by: Tanya Remer Altmann, M.D.

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