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The Advantages of Cheerleading

Endurance In cheerleading we do 2 minutes and 30 seconds of routine time this means we jump, stunt, tumble, toss and dance. During this routine and all the skills, we need to make it look easy and clean. Constantly doing cardio exercises ,full out routines and other workouts to get us ready and prepared for competition time. Anybody who has done cheer routines can easily say it is a great cardiovascular workout Strength Building During a routine girls are picked up in the air tossed 25 feet off the floor all while making it look easy. This requires a great amount of physical strength from the top to the bottom of the body. Stunting and tossing requires great lower body muscles, core muscles and also upper body strength. Not only do the bases have to build strength but also flyers. They need to gain strength and flexibility in there legs to do their stretches in the air during stunts and pyramids. Strength building is also acquired during team workouts routine run-throughs and skill drills. Flexibility For many skills in cheerleading such as flying, tumbling, dancing and jumping requires great amount of flexibility . To gain flexibility stretching it is required to stretch before and after practices while the body is warm to maximize our stretching limits. We do partner stretching to have pushed even further during stretches. When a team member has a great range of flexibility the skills in tumbling, flying and jumping come much easier. Leadership The cheerleading team provides a social interaction with other groupmates to start building social understandings. Leadership can be carried on by many teammates. On the Elite All-Stars we have captains but we require that all cheer members push one another to help maximize our potential. Building these social skills will help in future group settings for cheer members. Offering advice to help teammates improve skills Setting a positive mood with their attitude Exemplifying hard work and discipline on and off the mat Being receptive to trying new things Confidence On the team we require everyone to participate in team building games and routine activities to gain social interacting experiences with each other. This will help create team bonds to help build trust and confidence in one another to push for goals as a group and as individuals. Being very positive setting of pushing yourself to motivation and overcoming obstacles will help build confidence now and take it as a characteristic throughout life.

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