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Has your little boy just entered middle school? Is your little girl almost finished with her first semester of freshmen year? Are they having trouble adapting to the faster, more intense pace of this new environment? Are they still unsure of how to fully connect with other teens their age? Teen Night might just be the place for them! This night will take place on the second weekend of every month, it will be four hours long and only cost twenty dollars. Here at Gymnastics Elite, it is very important for us that we help shape and form are children into the leaders of tomorrow. Our kids are growing up right before our eyes, we want to ensure that being here at Elite will help their transition into this new phase run as smooth and efficient as possible. Our preteens and teens are growing up in a world very different to what it was ten, fifteen years ago. With such a huge tie to technology, our kids are vulnerable to anything and everything they are exposed to through the little screen they hold in their hand or daze into while in their room. Teen Night is a place to help our teens and preteens learn how to socialize with kids who not only take part in our classes but kids who just want a place to hang out. We want to create an environment where our kids always feel safe and accepted by their peers, or as we like to see them, their family. Our kids are extremely important to us; they aren’t just our students but our babies. No matter how old they get, we will always strive to be there for them and help shape them into the strong leader their world will need them to be. There are so many things fighting for our teens attention, we want to make sure we are teaching them what they should place their attention on. Teen Night will have general themes, such as, confidence, team bonding, how to deal with bullying and much more. Everything from their snack to the games they take part in during free time will completely feed what it is we are trying to instill into our teens. For our first Teen Night, we thought it would be a great idea to channel in our kids’ inner creativity. Research found that at the age of five, kids are running at an eighty percent creativity level but alarming drop below five percent by the time they reach the age of twelve. Though technology is very beneficial to future of our society, it is important that we help our kids still think for themselves. Their creativity will be challenged through different activities going on throughout the night, scavenger hunts, crafts, snacks, etc. will all be focused on bringing out their creativity and helping them build off their own ideas as well as others. Teen Night is strictly for ages ten and older and because it thrives off such a narrow focus, there are only thirty spots available. If you would like to sign up give us a call or come visit us here at the gym! See you there!

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