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How to move up in the Tumbling Program?

Gymnastics Elite makes it possible for every athlete to move up with in the program. The

Program is designed to improve in skills that will help in their tumbling career. We have taken

apart tumbling and divided it in to 4 levels. These levels have skills that need to be accomplished

to move on to the next level. Without these skills that allow the athlete to move up can lead an

athlete to struggle and take longer to achieve bigger skills. All tumbling coaches are trained to

help any athlete achieve the skills that they need to be moved up.

Our Program starts with the Entry tumbling. In this level the focus is to straighten and master the

Cart-Wheel as well as introducing the Round-Off and growing the muscles to kick over when in

the Back-Bend. We want to straighten the Cart-Wheel as soon as possible because this allow the

athlete to carry momentum throughout the body to allow bigger skills to flow easier. Then the

Round-Off is introduced to give an aggressive snap alongside momentum to achieve the Flip-

Flop in Intermediate Tumbling. Before that skill athletes must understand the body movement

that is in the Back-Bend kick over. Once mastered athletes move on to the next level,

Intermediate Tumbling

In Intermediate Tumbling we start to introduce The Back Hand Spring (Flip-Flop, Flic-Flac) on

both off our trampolines. We want get our athletes accustom to flipping upside down so we

practice on trampoline to build confidence to accomplish the skill. We master the round off on

floor to lead the connection off the round-off to back hand spring on trampoline. Once achieved

the Round-Off Back Hand Spring on Tumble Trak (trampoline) can be moved up to the next

level only if the athlete can perform the Back Hand Spring by themselves on trampoline.

The following level we focus on what we mastered in Intermediate Tumbling but we move those

skills to the floor. In Advanced Tumbling we stride for our athletes to accomplish the Back Hand

Spring on floor. Once mastered we move to connect the round off back had spring for Running

Tumbling. While we are working hard we start to implement drills for Back Tuck (Back Flip),

but super important we do not actually perform the skill in Advanced Tumbling for the soul

reason that it can affect the back hand spring. The Back hand spring and the Back Tuck are to

very different skills, the Back Hand Spring is a skill that allows momentum to flow one direction

which is forwards and on the other hand the Back Tuck is a skill that shoots momentum straight

up in the air. As a result, can affect the back hand spring if the back tuck is thought to early.

Once on our final level we start to perform the Back Tuck both standing and running. In this

level we focus the work in the back tuck but as well the back hand spring this way we don’t

affect this skill all ready learned. Once the back tuck is performed by the student, the kids can

know connect the Back Hand Spring Back Tuck. This give the athlete a greater force to start to

tap in to the bigger skills Tumbling has to offer. Which are the Full Twisting salto and as well as

introduction to front tumbling.

All this is being drilled in to our coaching staff to allow every athlete that comes into Gymnastics

Elite will be exposed to the same level of knowledge. This way no matter who is coaching an

athlete will be able to move up with in the tumbling program.

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