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Now Hiring

Are you passionate? Charitable? Creative? Looking for a way to serve your community? Looking to grow yourself?

We are now hiring here at Gymnastics Elite and we are looking for people that possess the values I just mentioned. Don't be intimidated by our name. Yes we do gymnastics here but in no way do you need experience in the sport to work here. While experience in gymnastics is a plus we don't require our new hires to have any experience at all. In fact, much of our staff had no experience in the sport before working at Elite (including the person writing this blog). "How can this be?." You might ask, but here at Gymnastics Elite we aren't looking for people to just coach gymnastics, we're looking for people who are committed to serving others. Here at Gymnastics Elite we take people places they can't take themselves. Gymnastics just so happens to be the vehicle we use to do just that and provide an unforgettable experience for our students and parents. We can teach our employees the skills and drills but we can't teach them values they need to become great leaders and mentors for their students. Those are things they possess within themselves and those are the values we try to bring out in them. Here at Gymnastics Elite you will be constantly growing towards becoming a leader.

Our values

Here at Gymnastics Elite we have a set of values that we live by not only in the gym but in our personal lives as well.

1. We will do anything short of desperate to get an opportunity to help someone grow.

Whether it be our students, parents or employees we are always looking for a way to help them out and provide the solutions to their problems.

2. We believe the world is not here for us, but we are here for the world.

We believe we're put on this world to serve as many people we can the best way we can. Whether it's organizing school supply drives or helping clean up the side of our adopted highway we try to give back to our community anyway we can.

3. We act and do what average people rarely do.

Here at Elite we like to do things different. To be honest some might consider us a little wierd. We like to challenge ourselves in ways average people wouldn't do. We read and work on our leadership skills. We have meeting that focus on collaboration to resolve issues in the gym rather than gymnastics skills. We have a saying here "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable." We step out of our comfort zones to stretch and grow ourselves.

4. We understand that everyone needs help in some way in life.

Our coaches and staff know that problems go beyond the things we struggle with inside the gym and we are not only focused on our students growth in gymnastics but their personal growth as well.

5. We do what we say.

When we make a commitment to the company or our kids we make sure we follow through and deliver.

6. We believe that we have total control over our failures and our successes.

Our employees(Elites) are not afraid of failing. We learn from when we win and lose so that we can dictate the experiences we want to provide inside of our gym.

7. We will keep learning until we are the best and have the systems to help everybody.

Our company will never stop learning and trying to figure out the best way to help our community. Our gym isn't just for the kids that do competitive gymnastics, it's also for the average kid that just wants to have fun! So we'll always try to serve everyone the best way we can.

8. We live and work with a sense of urgency!

We wake up and hit the ground running! If there's an issue or a system that needs fixing we try to address it in the quickest way possible. We focus our energy on the problems our customers have and provide them with solutions.

Last but not least

9. We cannot change what we tolerate.

We have a standard here at Gymnastics Elite, one that we expect all of our coaches and staff to meet. We hold our employees to high standards and expect them not to tolerate things that would lessen the experience of our customers and work to make it better.

So do you still want to be an Elite? If everything I've discussed in this blog resonates with you and you're ready to grow yourself visit our website at and join us on this journey.

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