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Why Preschool Gymnastics?

Children are like sponges; they will absorb everything in their surroundings and implement it into their behavior unknowingly. For that reason, it is best to expose your child to a unique environment. The Preschool Program at Gymnastics Elite is the place to grow your child. With our 45 minute classes, the children get to interact not only with the equipment, but develop their social and interpersonal skills at that young of an age. It’s not just about gymnastics, but also a way to grow your child and taking them places they can’t take themselves. With a class of 5 others and a coach, your child is surely able to develop emotionally and socially. By facing challenges, the child is able to reside their trust in the coach to help them accomplish the task at hand. With five others, the children are able to accommodate with all different characters and personalities. Together, all make a preschool class, a fun filled environment!

For the program, we have obstacle courses that last for 3 weeks. The events included are bars, beam, vault, and a game. During each 10 minute station, we incorporate shapes, colors, and lullabies to make the curriculum easier to apprehend. The shapes, colors, and lullabies make the class run more efficiently since the children are still so young. By incorporating basic gymnastics skills, the children are exposed to new challenges. Whether they’re afraid of heights, being upside down, or even need coordination skills, the classes are proved to help your child overcome any weakness. You’ll be proud to see your child achieve new skills and habits.

The emotional aspect of the program is to help children become familiar with being independent. For at least 45 minutes, the child is able to venture and explore their likings and dislikings. They also learn to initially trust their instincts and surroundings. Alongside the help of the coach, the child is able to accomplish any goals on their own. If your child is shy or scared at first to enter into one of our classes, you’ll be happy to see by the first station your child will be too involved that their distressed emotions will be long gone.

Overall, the preschool program at Gymnastics Elite is designed for every child between the ages of 18 months to 5 years old. Gymnastics isn’t just about flips and balance on a beam, but about the will to persevere under difficult situations and experiences. Why not make your child an above average child.

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