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Trick or Treat at Elite

Are you ready for spooky ghosts, pretty princesses and brave superheroes to come knocking at your door on Halloween? Well Gymnastics Elite is! We are excited to announce that Gymnastics Elite will be hosting our Halloween Kids Night Out, Saturday October 22nd, where all our kiddos will get to come dressed in their AWESOME costumes, play in the gym and create some unique arts and crafts to take home. Not only will the kids get to go through exciting obstacle courses but they will get to earn candy as they complete each one.

Just like any other Kids Night Out here at Elite the kids will get to use equipment that they don't get to normally use during their regular classes. Not only will the kids get to use new equipment but they'll also get to make new friends. Our Kids Night Outs are designed to help kids break out of their shells and meet people who they have a lot in common with. We understand some children have a hard time interacting with others which is why we design our group games to push kids out of their comfort zones and help them gain that confidence they may be lacking.

Along with helping our kids make new friends and memories we also help them tap into their creative side. This KNO the kids will be able to create their own creepy crawly artwork that they will get to take home at the end of the night. Our arts and crafts stations are the perfect way to get the kids to cool down after they’ve had their fun inside the gym.

Our Kids Night Outs are the perfect event for EVERYONE in the family! The kids get to come have a blast in the gym and show off their costumes and their parents get the night off and get to have some fun of their own. This event is not limited to just our gym members but is open to all members of our community, so make sure you tell all your witch and ghost friends so they can come join the fun too! Our staff here at Gymnastics Elite is ready to take on all the characters that come walking through our front doors!

We didn’t forget one of the most important parts of Halloween… the CANDY. Our coaches will be setting up some thrilling obstacle courses all throughout the gym where the kids can earn candy at the end of the station, so make sure we pack candy buckets so we can collect all the candy we could possibly imagine. Along with the candy the kids will also be getting pizza and blood punch for dinner so parents don’t have to worry about feeding their hungry critters at the end of the night. Along with pizza and punch the kids will get to have some delicious Halloween themed snacks and will even get a special surprise that they get to take home at the end of the night!

If you aren’t ready to sign your kids up for this spooky night of fun this Saturday, then the price might just make you change your mind. The price for this awesome night of fun is only $20 per child, so you get 5 hours of spooktacular fun for only $4 an hour! Our staff here at Gymnastics Elite is super excited to see all the little ones in their costumes, so hurry up and sign up now so your kids don’t miss out on the fun we’ll be having. If you would like more information or would like to sign your child up please feel free to visit our website, call us at 915-5910-9056 or stop by our front desk.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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