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WOGA Classic

WOGA Classic 2014This past weekend part of our competitive girls’ gymnastics team traveled, along with Coach Jesse and myself, to Frisco, TX to take part in their International competition, the WOGA Classic.WOGA is home to Carly Patterson (2004 Olympic Champion) and Nastia Liukin (2008 Olympic Champion); and of course their coaches Yevgeny Marchenko and Valeri Liukin (who is currently the director for the USAG Women’s Developmental Program). WOGA has 3 locations; Dallas, Frisco, and Plano, and has an amazing record of champions and world-class athletes in Women’s Gymnastics, Men’s Gymnastics, and even Acrobatic Gymnastics. Competing was not only a challenge for our gymnast, but an opportunity to witness, firsthand, some of the best gymnastics in the world!We traveled with a total of 7 gymnasts; Mia Chavez, Alyssa Delgado, Noelia Martin, Aleyna Delgado, Arleth Ponce, Desirae Spearman, and Amanda Martinez. Our gymnasts performed well and brought back some individual awards along with a 3rd place Team Trophy for Level 3. Noelia Martin scored a record 38.00 All-Around score, and the fact that she came in second (to a 38.1) goes to show how big the gymnastics really is out there in the US. Although we had some setbacks on some of the events, we could not be more proud of the gymnastics our girls are performing and their drive to improve in the sport.Some of the elite gymnasts we were able to watch were from all over the world, including Brazil, Japan, China, Germany, Australia, and even the Netherlands! We were even graced with a performance from multiple World Champions, Cheer Athletics of Texas. WOGA took 1st place as a team, with Brazil (looking strong under the new direction of Alexander Alexandrov) coming in 2nd, and China coming in 3rd.Overall, all of us had a great time watching great gymnastics. From Level 3 through the Elite levels, WOGA classic gave the coaches and gymnasts a new motivation to come back home and begin to train hard, so we can go back to WOGA in 2015 and do even better!- Coach Becky


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