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Gym progression

Progression is always something that is strived for in the gymnastics,tumbling and cheerleading. Throughout my entire experience in tumblingand cheerleading I've realized that there are a variety of type of learners.We have some that don't completely have the physical strength, bodycoordination, determination, or courage to do certain skills. All of theseobstacles can be fixed with time and training. Physical strength does notcome to one in just a week this may take some time. Determination Is thatdrive that makes you get up and train and train for what you want toachieve. Body coordination can be seen within athletes because it hasbecome normal for them to make there bodies adjust to there needs. Lastis courage. It is not always easy for a beginner to throw a back flipbecause he or she has never experienced this and it is unfamiliar andscary to them. I've come across some beginners that instantly have thecourage to do it. With all this being said, I believe you shouldn't getdiscouraged but instead push harder, train more and over come thosefears.#

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