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Benefits of ballet

When we think of ballet, we think of a young girl wearing a pink too-too twirling around pretending to be the Prima ballerina. Ballet provides many benefits to those who practice it. Many of the techniques used in ballet are also used in gymnastics, which is why they go hand in hand. Ballet requires good posture and alignment, which makes one aware of the way we walk, sit or stand on our day to day life. This same posture provides a certain confidence in its students, but done with a touch of grace. With the movements designed to teach ballet, lean and toned muscles are developed, as well as, a defined back and abdomen muscles. Not only does it help the body, but also the mind. In ballet the dancers are able to express themselves in their dance. They are able to make hand and legs movements to release stress and/or express their emotions. Ballet is beautiful and artistic dance, which is why we wanted to provide the opportunity for our students to participate. We currently offer ballet classes for ages 3yrs-10yrs. Classes are offered on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:30PM and 6:30PM. Contact us at 915-590-9056 to schedule your class, or stop on by.

Link to our Ballet page:!ballet/c1q0c


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