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Summer Showcase

With summer being just around the corner, that means that preparation for our annual Summer Showcase, E-lympics has begun! For those of you that do not know, our Summer Showcase is an event we hold every year to give our students a chance to show off to their friends & family what gymnastics, tumbling and cheer skills they have been working so hard on in class. The structure of our E-lympics runs very much like a competitive gymnastics meet, without the competitive part. Each student that registers will receive a uniform to wear to the event! (Girl students will receive a leotard, and our boy students will receive a t-shirt.) All students participating will be divided into groups depending on what level they are currently in. The different groups will rotate around all the events that they work on during class, and each student will get the chance to perform a routine on each event. To better understand what events each group will be performing on, here is a list to explain: Girl Gymnastics – Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Floor Exercise, and Vault Table Boy Gymnastics – Pommel Horse, Rings, Parallel Bars, High Bar, Floor, and Vault Tumbling – Floor, Tramp, and Tumble Track Cheer Prep – will be putting together a routine during class that will include jumps, motions, tumbling, and group stunts. All of our participating students will be recognized for their accomplishments at the end of the entire event and get their own time to shine up on the 1st place podium. Because there are no ticket fees for this event, we encourage all participating students to invite whomever they wish, as we will have ample seating space throughout the gym. Coaches have been working on teaching kids all the skills required for the routines on all of the events during classes. The skills used in the routines are what out lesson plans are based off of and what the coaches are evaluating on, on a daily basis. And as time draws closer to the performance, they will begin to piece together the different skills to create one routine per event. Please keep an eye out for this event, as registration will open at the beginning of April. At that time we will also be posting videos of their routines on our YouTube account, so that students and their parents can get a better idea as to what their performance routines should look like.

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