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Team bonding

During the summer teams in all sports should begin a bonding system. We will be discussing a few thing that you can do to get your team member in a close knit. Although this is focused more on cheerleading, you can change and alter things to adjust to your sports team.Team dinner is a great way to get you team to be social and enjoy a meal. After practice or on a different day, schedule a team dinner in a fun comfortable atmosphere. The team can laugh and talk about the team and it's interests. Dance parties is a binding idea that bring the team mates out of there shell. This is not one of those high school dance parties, so don't worry. Instead we divide the team up into smaller groups. The groups will then pick a song and have 30min - 45 min to creat a dance. This doesn't have to be limited to cheerleaders. Anyone can do this because it doesn't have to be a clean sharp dance. They must have room to make it fun and silly if they wanted. Again this is to bring them out of there shell. Movie night a very popular idea. Either going to the theaters or having it at your gym is great. Always provide healthy snack so the team notices that healthy alternatives also taste great. When assigning seat see if you can mix groups up so that way most all team members are sitting next to someone they don't know much. Team sleep overs are another great way for the team to come close. With sleeps overs give the team to do the things that they won't normally do in public such as act silly or . Dance laugh in play because they are only surrounded by the people the know and practice with . Use this time to do little activities like make a chant, make bows, or tie die shirts. A chant is a great idea so that way the team has this before they person on stage and it is something that was created by the team as a whole. There are many other thing you can do such as pool parties, bowling night,and water ballon days. Even volunteering for the community can help a team bond. No Mayer what you choose always keep a positive atmosphere. We hope these help you with your team bonding. Enjoy your summer!

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