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Gymnastics to Cheer and Back

After much publicity of her extraordinary tumbling, Angel rice has become what is known as a "cheerlebrity"or cheer celebrity. A Cheer Celebrity is one who has become popular in the the cheer world. She is well known among cheerleaders around the world and is becoming well known in the world of gymnastics. Angel Rice, at the young age of 3 years old took on tumbling. Her mother first started to coach her at home because of affordable gym expenses. That did not stop small Angel Rice from learning how to tumbling. Angel has come a long way in the all star and power tumbling world. She has dedicated much time inside the gym preparing for competitions and events. She has the number on spot for best tumbler in the state of Georgia. She has taken titles in CheerSport competitions , 2012 Worlds champion , placed 5th in Jr. Olympics and has taken 1st in "So you think you can tumble" event.

Angel Rice has transition from familiar all star teams such as Sting Ray All stars - Steel and California All stars - Smoed (small co-ed). These team are internationally know to go compete at the most prestigious cheer competition called "Worlds". It is most every cheerleaders dream to compete at this competition to receive their gold and most importantly there word ring. Angel Rice still competes in both power tumbling and cheerleading at the age of 14.

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