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Male Cheerleaders

When cheerleading all began, men started the trend to help out their college football team. They believe it boosted the teams confidence to help them win. Many noticed that with the cheerleaders, the team started a winning trend. Other colleges began to pick this up and that's how cheerleading started to grow.

After a few years had passed women started joining the teams and eventually cheerleading became what is now know as a "girls sport". In the cheerleading industry we are slowly pulling away from that stereotype and now more boys are joining cheer teams at schools and on Allstar teams. Cheerleading does not have to be feminine. Many gyms in America are now practice masculinity in there teams by having the boys stunt and tumble instead of dance and and give facials. There are boys that have tried many other sports like boxing, football, soccer, and more and still find cheerleading very entertaining.

This year in April the Gymnastics Elite cheer team , Elite Allstars will hosting an Event called Bring your own boy (BYOB) where our cheer team girls can invite any friends and it family member to void there entry fee into the event. This will give boys the opportunity to see and try something new. Tumbling and stunting can be a very exciting thing for them because it challenges them to be good and to try more advanced skills each and every time.

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