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Flexibility: What you can do to speed up the process

Flexibility is an essential need to all of what we do here at Gymnastics elite. Gymnastics, cheer and tumbling all require some sort of flexibility in the body, whether it be in the legs, back, arms or neck. Doing these warm ups and stretches will extend and improve your skills in a great number of sports and most importantly reduce the possibility of injury. Warm up: the purpose of a warm up is to raise the core body temperature of the entire body. This also prepares the cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous and musculoskeletal systems by gradually increasing the their demand. Remember your muscles are like a rubber band warm it up so it doesn't tear. Pre Stretching: This stretching phase should touch base with all muscle that will be used during practice or workout. Each stretch should last at least 30 seconds. Make sure to feel 10%-15% discomfort during this stretches. The discomfort feeling tells you that you are doing it correctly. Post Stretching: Once you have finished you practice or work out you will be at your highest core temperature, which mean this is the best time to push your stretching limits. You will once again stretch the desired muscle that benefit your sport. Each stretch should take at least 30 seconds. This time you will push your discomfort level to 15%- 25%. This stretching routine is not age specific and can benefit anyone. It is important for athletes to get to know their body and its limits. After just one week you will see results in your flexibility

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