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Coach Janeth

Janeth is a Pre-school, Ballet, and Cheer coach at Gymnastics Elite! Janeth is a huge part of our Elite Team. Our coach has many favorites in her life and we want to share a couple of them with our Elite family! Janeth’s hobby, besides coaching, is dancing it is one of her passions. She loves to feel the music tickle her emotions with joy. She listens closely to the tempo of the songs that wrap around her body. The music leads her to follow each note with a unique jump. Every step and glide she takes allows her to spread the joy of her excitement in movements. Jumping in various ways on different settings extends a powerful efficiency. Jumping allows many activities to become a delightful experience for her. She becomes a free soul as she lets the music extend her happiness. An interesting fact about our coach is that she loves Llamas. She loves that Llamas are funny looking and exotic at the same time. A llama is a beautifully unique animal that might seem rather odd to look at but in fact are very kind. Janeth favors the color pink because it reminds her of her room, making her feel at home. The pink hue brings a warm and comfortable feeling to her heart. Things that bring a warm feeling to her stomach are a different story. Coach Janeth likes all sorts of cuisines. The variety brings a bright smile to her face. She loves to taste the different spices that can make a bland meal an adventure. By simply infusing ingredients with a different blend of culture. Coach Janeth admires kind morals and actions. She finds the concept of the movie The Breakfast Club to be one of her favorites. She admires how the movie truly presents how diverse people can be, and how someone should never judge another person.

Link to our staff page:!staff/c2tg

Link to our Ballet page:!ballet/c1q0c

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