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Introducing Coach Caria

We here at Gymnastics Elite are always looking for exceptional team members to join our elite family. That being said I would like to introduce coach Caria, our new tumbling/cheer staff member. Coach Caria has been in the cheer All star world since she was a young girl. She was a flyer, all her life because of her small size. Cheer has influenced her life so much she began coaching tumbling and cheer as fast as she could. She began her coaching in Kentucky at a gym called "Cheer and Tumbling inc." where she has learned most of her coaching skills. Coach Caria's plans are to continue coaching to get to the number one spot. She also has a baby of her own who wants to be a Elite All star Raindrop. We are looking forward to a great season with Elite All stars with all their talent and commitment.

Click the link below to see more of our staff:!staff/c2tg

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