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Keeping up with Gymnastics Elite

This summer we are looking forward to quite a number of events and new improvements to our facility. SUMMER CAMPS : Throughout the vacation time will keep you child busy while having fun. We play games, enjoy gym time, provide a light snacks and on Friday we have water slides. Come for a great and fun learning experience in the gymnastics tumbling and cheer world. GYMNASTICS ELITE SUMMER SHOWCASE: Our in house event will be on July 26. Our students will be performing what they have learned in classes. Boys gymnastics, girls gymnastics, gymnastics team, cheer prep and the cheer team will create a routine to perform for family and friends. Everyone is invited to this event and there will be no entry fee for spectators. CHEER TUMBLING: Elite now offers time for everyone to tumble on there own on our spring floor, trampolines and tumbling mats. Times are Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 - 8:30 PM. Not just for cheerleaders but for everyone. Champions practice and work hard every chance they get. SUMMER KIDS NIGHT OUT: Like always we have our kids night out every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. During the summer we host our very fun Kids Night Outs with water games and slides. MOVIE NIGHTS: Every Friday we have our Movie Nights. Elite provides the big screen and popcorn. Kids bring the pillows and blankets and have fun with games and enjoy the featured film from 6-9 PM REARRANGING THE GYM: If you've been in the gym recently you will see that we've arranged a few things such as . The uneven bars and the high bar. We've made this adjustment so class do not have to be interrupted while students walk to the restroom area.


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