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First day of gymnastics

Ok, Mom or Dad. It’s your little one’s first day of gymnastics. They are either excited, nervous or both; which is normal for them to feel this way.

Here are a few things to remember before their gymnastics class. Try and arrive about 10 to 15 minutes before class, this will allow your child to become comfortable with this new environment. Some gyms offer tours of their facilities, ask if one is available and both you and your child are more comfortable with your surroundings’. Also, there is usually paperwork to sign, so it will give you time to do so. Your child needs to be comfortable while in class, so have them wear comfortable clothing, no jeans or anything with buttons or buckles around their tummies. For the little girls if they have long hair just make sure it’s picked up away from their face and jewelry needs to be removed (except stud earrings). For the girls a leotard or unitard would be the best choice. Have a talk with your child about the class, give them a brief description as to what to expect.

Remember, your child might be nervous or excited, so if they cling on to you when it’s time to go into class it’s normal. Talk to your gym or instructor, maybe there is a way you can go into the gym with your child while they stretch or do their first activity. This is new to them, so you being there for a few minutes will make a world of difference. Now, if they just refuse to go in at all, it’s OK! This might have been their “warm up” to the gym. Let them try again at a later date. If possible stay and let them watch the class and how much fun they are.

Every child adjusts to new things differently. You are the only one that would know what’s best for YOUR child.

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