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Beat the heat during summer

Workouts, practice and camps come around every summer and with that so does extreme heat in El Paso. During these times we need to be avoiding heat exhaustion, sun burns and dehydration. The things we definitely we need to look out for is heat cramps and heat stroke. Although some are less serious then other we need to treat all the same to avoid all possibilities. Prevention strategies are simple if you under stand why these things happen in the first place.Heat stroke generally happen when the body reach a dangerous high core temperature, which can be caused by lack of sweat for cooling or lack of water consumption. The symptoms are fast pulse, dry skin, high skin temperature, confusion, and even seizures or coma. Be aware that you do not have to be outside in the sun for this to happen. This can happen in a gym or a indoor field if the setting are right.PreventionTo prevent this situation it Is good to slowly get your body used to the heat. If you have been in cool areas for weeks and haven't been out in the sun you may want slowly increase the time your body is exposed to the heat. Another powerful prevention tool is water . Drinking water provides the body a natural coolant which is absorbed and exposed through the skin for cooling purposes. When we say drink we mean water. Sugar drinks ,coffees and energy drinks will not get the job done. These will only make the dehydration process began faster. Try to stay in cool shades area or where there may be a breeze. Avoid to intensive workout or drills during the hottest part of the day . And make sure to take snack breaks or just breaks. All the small tips will help prevent heat exhaustion , cramps , and even strokes because they keep the core temperature low.If you or anyone experiences the heat related illnesses seek water and or cool shaded area, contact the coach or medical personal.

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