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American Classic Results

The American Classic was held over this 4th of July weekend at the Women’s National Training Center in Hunstville, TX. Athletes that competed at this competition were competing for an opportunity to enter in the US Championships (P&G). Majority of the gymnasts at the American Classic were Junior Elites (elite gymnasts who are under the age of 15), with the exception of some Senior Elites. The Juniors were required to score at least a 52.00 in the All-Around to qualify, while the Seniors needed to score a 54.00 in the all-around, or 41.25 on 3 events/28 on two events if they were competing as “event specialists”.

Senior athletes at the American Classic were Macy Toronjo from Texas Dreams, Felicia Hano from Gym Max (Kyla Ross’ gym), Melissa Renstadtler of Rebound NJ, and Alexandra Marks of Bart Conner Gymnastics. Macy Toronjo of Texas Dreams was the only Senior Elite to qualify to the US Championships from the American Classic.

There was a total of 32 Junior Elites competing and only 15 of them qualified for the US Championships. The 16 qualifying gymnasts were Jazmyn Foberg of MG Elite, Maggie Musselman of Hills, Deanna Soza of Arete, Megan Skapps of Gymnastics Academy of Altanta, Rachel Bauman of WOGA, Maile O’Keefe of Academy of Gymnastics-Salcianu, Alyona Shchennikova of TIGAR, Marissa Oakley of Phenom, Morgan Hurd of First State, Megan Freed of Parkette’s, Bailey Ferrer of Orlando, Ariana Agrapides of MG Elite, Adeline Kenlin of Iowa Gym Nest, Sydney Johnson-Scharpf of Brandy Johnson’s, and Elena Arenas of Georgia Elite.

All of these athletes that are attending the US P&G Championships in August are hoping to earn a spot on our National Team. The National Team will be announced at the conclusion of this competition and we here at Gymnastics Elite CAN NOT WAIT TO WATCH ALL THE AMAZING GYMNASTICS!

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