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​Keeping the team motivated

During the beginning of your competitive season it is really important to keep yourself and teammates focused and with positive attitude towards your sport and to each other. Remember to be specific to what you want for your first competition and set goals on how to reach your perfect routine. Don't wait! It is always good to increase and push more and more skills in your routine. I myself have noticed a dramatic increase in stamina when I gave 100 percent every time. At first I normally felt exhausted and therefore didn't pull skills I didn't feel I can execute. Throughout practices I pushed my limits and my fears so that way my muscle can start getting used to the intense routine and slowly but surely I noticed the change in my stamina and skills that I was pushing.Your teammates will also began to understand that certain skills and movements with be in specific places on the mat and that way they will steer clear or that area. Awards and achievements. No matter if you far or close to hitting a perfect routine. Remember to always reward where credit is due. For example reward those that achieve a new skill by ringing the victory bell or with stickers and lollipops. If you team members are now hitting stunts and landing tumbling passes make sure they feel accomplished and the team as a whole appreciated it. Take it out! For those of is that know what competition is like is can be a little nerve wrecking. Now remember how you felt maybe you didn't understand what was going on the day of competitions and you just went with the flow. So now take the time before competitions to talk about this kind of stuff let the newbies understand and question what is going to be happening during the preparation to go in stage. This will help those that get anxious and nervous. Keep your eye on the prize During practice times routines can get frustrating and some members may get upset and lose track of what we are aiming for. This is the moment you remind them why they started this to begin with. The 1st place spot. It is good to have a poster in your practice area to remind them of what they are working for. A great idea can be to create the poster as a team right one big goal in the middle and everyone write a little motivational saying with their name. Than they can take this to the competition as a motivation banner.


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