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Pushing your body's limits

Training and working out is the most important way to increase your skills and abilities. There is a point that you may want to take an extra tumbling class or even an extra work out day to increase the speed of your development. At that moment you maybe be over working yourself. Over training syndrome OTS is often over looked in the gym until it seriously effects the athlete.OTS means that you have exceeded your limits in pushing you body's energy level to the point of fatigue. The athlete is tiring the body out faster then it can heal. Everyone believes that if your pushing for a goal you need to push harder longer. Unfortunately you body can only handle moderations of these pushes. Athletes will soon come to realize a decrease in stamina, abilities, and behavior awareness. Those who over use the body see an increase in joint pain, muscle pain, sickness, and soreness. OTS can possibly lead to a serious injury to yourself or to others depending on your sport. Take the time to figure out what it is you have changed in your workout routines to start the healing process. Have you recently entered into another activity at school, increase your hours in the gym, not sleeping well, focusing on one specific muscle or body part rather then the general body. These can be your possible factors. Adjust what needs to be adjusted to improve your training. Your body needs to rest after the hard work you put it through. Be safe.

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