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Have you heard the craze? Flips Party Hall is here to provide the best party experience for parents and kids! Ordinary Party Halls provide the venue, and areas for the kids to play on. Flips Birthday Party Hall provides sssooooo much more than just tables and chairs!

Each party scheduled at Flips is specially planned in close relation with the families hosting the party to make sure their experience is a unique and memorable experience. We pride ourselves in giving families the confidence of knowing the guests they invite to their special day are sure to enjoy their time and remember their party for years to come.

All of our parties include access to our 2,000 sq ft lobby area for adults to sit back and enjoy the party, and up to 18,000 sq ft gym facility for the kids to go crazy in! Our lobby can hold up to 120 guests, including the cake area, food serving, presents, and kids eating area. Inside the gym, where kids come play, we have a specially designed Toddler Play area with their very own foam pit and jumping balloon. The Toddler area is restricted to kids under the age of 4 to ensure their safety. As for the kids that are over the age of 4, they can enjoy free time on any of our trampolines (all of which go in to a huge foam pit) including some time on one of our harnesses where they can jump higher and even try some flips in a safe way! Our foam pit area is also equipped with a challenging “rock” climbing area to attract the daring kids out there. Another fun activity in our foam pit is our “bull-riding” machine operated by the kids themselves! We’ve found that the guests enjoy helping and challenging each other to see who can stay on our imaginary bull (a mailbox mat) the longest! Aside from the trampoline and foam pit we have the kids are also allowed on the rest of the gymnastics equipment like bars, beam, and floor, and if interested will be taught some basic gymnastics skills at the same time. Depending on what package each party is booked for, there will be at least 2 staff members/coaches out in the gym to direct the children and the activities. Parties are also free to pick a theme that can help determine what activities the children participate in! From minute-to-win-it to a dance party, each theme is specially created to provide the birthday child a fun time with their friends, families, and guests.

Now that we’ve talked about what the kids can expect out of a party at Flips, let’s move to the parents. Planning a birthday party can be extremely stressful, but Flips is here to help! Each of our Customer Service Representatives is standing by and ready to get your party experience going. Our motto is to provide a “Worry-Free” party experience for the parents. That means that we will do the set-up and decorating, and we will do the cleaning afterwards as well. Personal invitations (that can be designed to meet your specific party theme) are provided with all of our packages. We can also help by getting you a discount on pizza with a close partner pizza company that we work with! Schedule your tour today! And see what’s new in El Paso when it comes to birthday parties!

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