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Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders

Cheerleading has been an on going sport since the late 1800's. It began as a crowd motivator before the for the many sports that came on

As many may already know this sports started as a male dominated sport. After the draft for men to go to war the women started to takeover.The uniform worn before were men in polo or turtle neck and slacks and women in skirts down to the ankles and matching polos. As the women progressively took over the sport the skirt became higher and long sleeves became popular. Now, we see very light material used so that way tumbling stunting and jumping is much easier.

Chants and cheers started at the a football game in Princeton and from that group a man named Mark Peeble helped a game at the University of Minnesota. The school had a line of losses and the day that Peeble went to lead the crowd with cheers and chants. they won. So many other schools started to cheer and chant to bring belief and school spirit to the field.

Lawrence Herkimer made a few contributions to the cheer industry. If you didn't realize part of his last name is a jumped used by all teams, The Herkie. Herkimer Also hosted the first camp to help inspire and teach the sport of cheer leading. His event had great success and he decided to continue this passion, so they create the National Cheerleading association (NCA).Lawrence Herkimer is now known as the grandfather of cheer leading.

Cheerleadig was then introduced to the NFL Football Games but with a drastic change. The Cowboys were the first to show off the cowgirls cheerleader during a half time performance. After the performance many other teams began following the trend of girl dancers in short shorts and crop tops cheering for the team on the side.

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