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Things to do!

At Gymnastics Elite, we focus a lot of our energy into creating an atmosphere that is fun, nurturing, and safe so that kids from all over El Paso can enjoy our events! We are proud to say that we find hosting these events fulfilling and enjoyable because we as the staff and coaches are having just as MUCH fun as the kids in attendance at our events!

This past weekend we hosted one of our favorite Kids Night Outs of the year. Although we host KNOs twice a month, EVERY month, this one topped them all. With over 100 energetic and smiling faces in attendance, we let the fun out and had a GREAT night!

Our kids enjoyed playing Holiday Themed games inside the gym like Santa’s Workshop, build your own sleigh (out of gymnastics mats!), holiday dances, and of course some free play on our trampolines and foam pits. But the fun really started when the pizza guy walked in the door. After dinner each child was given a special letter to Santa template that they were able to color and decorate. In these letters the kids were instructed to write down what they hoped Santa would bring them (one of our students got really hopeful and asked for a Lamborghini!) once they were done kids packaged up their letters and Santa himself came by to pick them up! Santa hung around for a little while, took pictures with most of the kids, and even got them started on building their very own gingerbread houses. This was the best part of the night, seeing all of the kids get creative and work together with their friends and tablemates to see who had what it took to make the best Gingerbread house for the night. Coaches were stationed at each table to help their groups “glue” their walls and roofs, (we used cake icing), and give some guidance as to what would work and would more than likely collapse. But the staff’s guidance was rarely needed. These kids were incredible creative and worked as great teams to get the final outcome. Not one of the gingerbread houses was like another, IT WAS AWESOME! We wish KNOs were always like this, but that’s what Gymnastics Elite staff and coaches are here for! To research and create more experiences like so that kids can come to Gymnastics Elite and KNOW they are going to have FUN.

Over the Winter Break we are going to be having a Holiday Camp. Camp will begin on the Monday after Christmas, December 29 and conclude on New Years’ Eve, December 31. Camp times are from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm and the cost is $100 per child for all 3 days. Camp kids can expect gymnastics activities and games inside the gym, movies, arts and crafts, special snack creations that are healthy, and a special science experiment every day! Sign-up to day using our Parent Portal, paying online through our website, stopping by, or even giving us a call! See our website or Facebook page for more details! Bring the kids in for days of fun, great experiences, friendship, health and more. Take the days off or go to work knowing the kids are safe, whatever it is bring em on out to Gymnastics Elite!

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