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Adult Tumbling: What it can do for you?

The adult tumbling is a class that we provide here at Gymnastics Elite it is a great way to burn calories, stretch the body, distress the mind and most importantly learn how to tumble. Many may think that age can be an excuse to not participate in this class. Well Coach Angel says differently. He currently teaches 12 adult students from the ages of eight 18 and 45 and all students participate in all aspects of the class.

During your one hour session in the adult tumbling class you will experience a work out like no other not because it is tiring and puts a lot of pressure on the body but because of all the body motion and fun put into that one hour. Tumbling requires the body to use different muscle groups compared to when you work out at the gym. You will use muscles that you may have not exercised before. We have heard on many occasions that although the student may work out on their own time they still felt sore in areas they've never felt before because of the tumbling.

Before the class begins we run through a quick warm-up session to relax and warm the muscles for optimal stretching. Once the muscles are loose then you'll began your stretching which focuses on pushing the limits of the body. Although you may not have a split it is possible with our adult class. When it comes to tumbling stretching is a very important. Flexibility helps your tumbling tremendously. For example if an individual has good back flexibility this will make it easier for the individual to acquire a backbend.

Tumbling is not something one has to have in their life but exercising is, Might as well have fun with it. Tumbling will assist you in learning body movement and body coordination. Some enjoy in the class because they love the adrenaline rush that they received during the class. Others were previous gymnast and tumblers and just want to get back into the gym to practice once again.

Gymnastics Elite's adult time in class is hosted on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6;30 to 7:30 weekly. All ages and sizes are welcome. Feel free to call our office at 915-590-9056 or visit us on the web at Hope to tumble with you soon.

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