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Cheerleading Worlds 2015:

To a cheerleader worlds is everything, even if you don't win its still a high level competition that anyone can be proud of just being accepted to go. Cheerleading worlds is a competition where only cheer teams that get bids can attend. The way to get a bid is they must first go to another competition that is offering a bid and the way to get it is to hit a high level flawless routine. Many gyms and out of country teams competed this year and how amazing it was to see them perform there hearts out to the crowd. There are many divisions and many champions from Cheer Extreme, Gymtyme, Sting rays, Cheerforce, Woodland Elite, California Allstars, and World Cup shooting stars. But with these great victories also came some injuries. Unfortunately, this years worlds has been claimed the worst year of worlds with the most injuries ever. A known, 12 situations with cheerleaders getting has been flying around social media. Now the world will know that cheerleading is ,just like many of sports, dangerous. None the less all great job to all the cheerleaders at worlds we know how much they love cheer because their road just went that much further.

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