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Everyone’s Night Out

After a long and hard week every parent deserves a Saturday night out on the town, but the struggle of finding a good priced babysitter, making sure your child is well fed, and never having an issue of them being bored can be such a hassle that you feel your night out isn’t even worth it. Luckily here at Gymnastics Elite we have the perfect solution for you, presenting our Kids Night Out! Not only do we feel parents are deserving of a night out, but kids are too! Now you’re probably wondering what this event is? No worries, I’m here to explain it to you! Kid’s Night Out is a fun filled event we host for our kids every second and fourth Saturday of the month, on these Saturday we welcome kids into our gym for fun filled games, movies, dinner and theme planned snacks for only $18.00! I’ve got you all signed up and ready to go! It’s 6 o’clock and our doors are open accepting kids now as you walk in with your little one you’ll notice that we are putting wrist bands, the reason for these wrist bands is if in the case of an emergency we have easy access to the parents phone number. Now that all the kids have made it in, it’s time for us to begin. We’ll begin our Night Out with some stretching and warm up games for the kids to make sure they are ready to go. After our stretching is all finished up we jump in to our games time, in this time kids will join together on our main mat floor to play structured games such as Ships and Sailors, 4 Corners, Mr. Fox, and many more! Once game time is over we spilt our coaches into stations throughout the gym to give our kids fun supervised free time. At 8 o’clock it’s time for dinner, and I’m sure you’re wondering, what could this facility possibly supply kids to eat, well we’ve got the best answer any kids has ever heard. Pizza! Along with the pizza we serve Gatorade to drink and once all the kids are done eating they will receive a snack, now what the snack is just depends on the theme we have going on that week. When we have finished up dinner we give the kiddos an option to choose between watching a movie, having more free play time in the gym, and playing on our Wii in our game room. At this time parents are more than welcome to come pick their little ones up. You’ll notice that when you arrive our door is locked, the reason for this is as a safety precaution for our kids, to ensure that no one unknown is coming into the gym and that no one from inside is leaving without being signed out. You look to the left of the door and see a doorbell and you push it, you wait for a second and one of the amazingly friendly office staff comes to open the door and greet you as you come in. We will ask you to sign your little one out, because until we have a sign out we cannot allow that child to leave the gym. You sit and watch as the office staff walks inside to call your child out over the microphone. The door begins to open and the first words you hear are “I don’t want to go home yet!!” unfortunately it is your little ones time to go home. As you load up into your car, you’re fascinated listening to all the stories your child has accumulated in as little as five hours! Now you know that you have a chance two times out of the month to enjoy your night out, while giving you child a night of fun as well. That is how you know it was a successful Saturday!

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