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P.J. Party KNO

“Another Saturday stuck in the house, I have cleaning and work that needs to get done, but how can I do do any of that with the kids bringing me a million things every 5 seconds... I need a night, one night for just me!”

That’s okay, its completely okay for you to need a night to yourself! The reason why? Because Gymnastics Elite is here to give it to you. On every second and fourth Saturday of the month we host an event called Kids Night Out, and this week is our P.J. Party edition. “What in the world is the P.J. Night Out Thing?” Let me tell you! First of all, our P.J. Party is a giant comfortable kids only event! I mea really, what’s better then a huge sleep over to a kid! Oh wait, I know what is! Pizza and ice cream sundaes, yes I said pizza and ice cream sundaes because that’s what the kids will have for dinner and dessert! “Oh my gosh, I can’t even believe how hyper they’re going to be when I pick them up! This is no help at all!” No, no, no! That’s not the case at all! Our job is to tire them out for you from our games and free play. Our kiddos will get to have their very own sleep over with a variety of other kids! It’s great opportunity for them to get some social skills in and make friends that have potential to be for a lifetime.

Should I get you signed up? Because I’m sure right now at this moment you’re definitely wanting to! Trust me, you’re not making the wrong decision here. Great! Now that you’re all signed up let me tell you about the safety procedures we set in place to help you feel better about this excellent event. First and foremost, kids are checked in when they first walk in, meaning that our super helpful office staff will mark that your child is here and will get a bracelet that has their whole name and the emergency number that we get form you when you drop them off, that way in case of any emergency we have easy access to the phone number to get in touch with you. Next, all of our facility doors are locked, to ensure to us and you that there is no chance of your child or any child being able to exit the gym with out you, or anyone entering the gym that is not suppose to be there. Lastly, before any child leaves our gym we require parents to sign their little ones out, without that signature we cannot release any child to any adult.

I truly don’t think there’s anymore you can ask for! Your kids will be safe, fed, and completely entertained. Now, here’s the best part of it all… your kids are already in pajamas! So once you pick them up, half of your bed time work is already done for you. Now I hope your patient enough to wait until tomorrow morning to hear your child’s story from this great night out tomorrow morning because once you’re backing out of your parking spot at the gym your child is already fast asleep because of all the fun they had! Now you’ve gotten everything you need done, and you know your kids have had the best time, so really is there anything else you could possibly ask for? I think not!


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