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Family Tumbling Class

If you have ever sat out in the lobby, watching your child tumble away, and thought…”Man, I wish I could do that!”, you’ll be happy to hear about our brand new program here at Gymnastics Elite. As adults, learning a new sport might seem irrelevant and even impossible but we beg to differ. Gymnastics is a great way to stay active, gain flexibility, work muscles you never even knew could be worked, all while having fun. Now can you imagine learning alongside your child? Yup, you read that correctly…introducing our new Family Tumbling Classes.

These 55 minutes long classes will be available for adults and children between the ages of 7-13. The class will run through a group warm-up and stretch, and proceed into specific drills and stations designed to accommodate for all different levels of tumbling. Our coaches will be leading the class, providing detailed instructions and hands-on spotting for all students, adult and children alike. This will be a pressure-free instructive class, so coaches will help you through the skills and stations that you feel comfortable performing, and will provide exercises to prepare you to feel good trying the ones that might seem a bit scary or intimidating.

Each class will conclude with a quick set of exercises to address the different area that were worked on that day, and build the strength needed to continue to excel at the skills being practice during class.

These classes are currently being held on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am, and Thursday evenings at 4:30 pm.

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