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Now Hiring!

Coaching positions open are for gymnastics, cheer, and ballet instructors. Students attending our gym are between the ages of 18 months and 18 years, and we also offer some adult tumbling classes. Experience is not required, but is a bonus. In-house training is provided, and new hires will be floating with experienced coaches and their classes throughout their training process. Coaches are required to be enthusiastic and energetic and provide our students with a fun, engaging learning environment. Coaches are also expected to have a professional attitude, and build a rapport to be able to provide parents of students’ information about classes, events, and gym policies.

All staff members are placed on an employment plan, and are trained and encouraged to move up through the ranks to positions of higher responsibility and compensation. At Gymnastics Elite, we are thrilled to see our students progress and succeed in the sport, and would like to see the same from our employees throughout their time with our company, and in their future careers.

Working at our facility is extremely rewarding, knowing that you have the ability to impact a child’s life and make a difference. Our motto is …powered by kids! And that is exactly what we are, our students empower us to be better role models and teachers. In the end, it is not just gymnastics that we have the privilege of teaching, but also the life lesson’s that accompany such a tough sport. Those lessons are what are going to last a lifetime with the students that come through our doors, even though the skills they learned during their time here may not.

If you or anyone you know are interested in applying please follow the steps below:

  1. Visit our website at and look around to get a better feel of our gym.

  2. Click on the employment tab at the top of the screen and decide whether you are applying for an office or a coaching position. Click on the proper selection.

  3. Submit an application and include a video to help us get to know you better. The video should be about 3 – 5 minutes long, describing yourself, your goals, how you heard about us, why you would want to work here, and why you feel we should choose you for a position with us. If you have technical difficulties uploading a video, please email videos for coach positions to our Head Coach Becky at and for office positions to our Office Manager Kristen at

  4. Email any additional information to the email address mentioned above such as; resumes, letters of recommendation, character letters, or certifications.

Once we receive your application, our leadership team will review and decide whether or not you are a good fit, if you are selected you will be called in for an interview. If not selected, you will receive an email detailing our decision.

We take the application process very serious, we feel it is an indication as to the kind of employee you may become. Please fill in all appropriate fields, and be as descriptive as possible. If a field does not apply to you, please let us know by filling in “N/A”.

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