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Valentines KNO

Every Valentine’s Day parents meet the same dilemma. “I need a baby sitter, but no one is available and whoever is, is WAAAAAAY over-priced!” Have no fear parents, Gymnastics Elite is here! With not only a night out for you, but a night out for your kids. You deserve a night out and break from being mom and dad for a few hours, but your kids deserve a break to! From the hours of 6 to 11 P.M. we give kids the best night of their lives! We give them memories that will last your child a life time, and friends they will never forget. The start to our night out begins with stretching and games to make sure our kids are all warmed up and ready to go! Ships and sailors, Toilet Tag, and Simon Says will get your kid ready to go! Next kids will get to play on trampolines, bars, rings, and beams! Wait, wait, wait let me tell you the best part! It’s all supervised and completely safe! Coaches are constantly making sure that every child is following all safety rules at all times. After the kids get to play around, they’ll get to play some great games and win prizes! What child doesn’t love winning prizes?!? They’ll get to play Valentine’s Day tic-tac-toe and Valentine’s Bingo, along with Valentine’s arts and crafts! Now that poor little kiddo is feeling extremely hungry, well they’re definitely in luck because its dinner time! We’re not talking about any ordinary dinner time, this is the best dinner for a child! We’re talking about pizza! And Gatorade! Followed by some great desert, treats and a chocolate fountain! Let’s be serious, what child wouldn’t enjoy this amazing evening meal and dessert? After everyone’s done eating we give the little ones some time to let their tummies digest the food, and get ready to get back in that gym to play all over again! More fun, more games, more friends, and more memories! Now you’re thinking this sounds amazing, but I have a question… Well you don’t even have to ask because I’m going to answer it for you! For safety we lock all facility doors once the children have all arrived! That door will not be opened until a parent is coming to pick their little one up, and to get us to open it you will need to ring our doorbell. Before any one starts going home, we need the kiddos to be signed out by their parents. In these next few minutes you will see such a sad face on your child, but it has to be done. You’ll ask one of our awesome office staff members to go call your child out of the gym, and once your child hears their name their minds go into complete begging mode, because they HAVE to stay longer! But it’s time to go home, and that’s okay, because they entire ride home you’ll get to hear all about their adventurous, fun filled, creative night! You’ll probably be hearing about it for the next week! “Mom, I got to jump into a foam pit! And my new best friend Sara sat next to me while I ate pizza! And this other boy Andrew told me the funniest joke ever!” You’ll hear about it so much that come our next Kids Night Out you’ll find yourself right back here, because you know that here at Gymnastics Elite we not only give kids the best night of their life but we introduce them into a new social and creative world! You’ll know that is hands down the safest, most fun, and most exciting place for your child because we believe that’s what they deserve!

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