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What Ninja Zone Is All About

Have you ever been sitting in our waiting room and wondered what this class of kids was doing jumping and flipping off mats, running up a giant black wall and and running through obstacle courses as fast as they possibly could? What kind of sport is that? Well that is our Lil Ninja (3-5 yrs.) and Ninja Zone (6-11 yrs.) programs in action! This is a program that we offer here at Gymnastics Elite that is a combination of gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle course training, freestyle movement and just a lot of fun. The classes consist of jumping, running, flipping, spinning and kicking as individual skills as well as combining those skills to complete cool obstacle courses made of mats and other equipment through out the gym. Ninja Zone, gymnastics and tumbling are all sports that revolve around a lot of movement but the thing that separates them is the type of movement each sport is going for. In gymnastics and tumbling it is all about balance and sticking a skill at the end while Ninja Zone is all about fluidity and being off balance but being able to catch yourself and move right into the next skill with ease. This program provides a great workout for the kids because they are constantly moving. This is not a sport where there is a lot of standing around! It also serves as an opportunity to take advantage of all that energy your child has and focusing it towards achieving a goal and when a child feels like they are achieving something it does wonders for their confidence. One of the philosophies behind this sport is building a childs confidence through them challenging themselves. This philosophy also helps them develop self discipline in a way that is fun and instills in them a mindset of working through something and not just giving up that they will carry with them throughout other areas and stages of their lives. Besides the character that it builds it is also a great way for your child to get or stay in shape and gain skills and ability that can be applied to other sports that they are already in or might get into in the future. This program serves as an awesome foundation for your child's mental and physical growth!

If you are interested in your little one learning some ninja skills and want further information on classes please visit us!ninja-zone/cbz or give us a call at (915) 590-9056.

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