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It's Time For the Ninja Games!!

Here at Gymnastics Elite we hold an awesome event called the Ninja Games! This is the perfect opportunity for any child who has ever wanted to try out the Ninja Zone experience for an hour. What will happen during this event is that there will be obstacle courses set up through out the gym and our trained coaches will help and teach the kids how to get through them using their ninja skills! At the end there will be a friendly competition to see who can make it through the obstacle courses the fastest. This event is open to both boys and girls from 5 yrs. up to 11 yrs. and is even open to student that are not currently enrolled in our Ninja Zone or Lil Ninja programs or even at Gymnastics Elite. All who want to give it a try are welcome to come and participate! There is no uniform for this event but the kids will need to be dressed ready for a lot of physical activity in appropriate workout attire for their own safety. All that stands in the way of your kid having the time of their lives is a fee of $5 per child and you, the parent, signing a waiver! You can come in to do these two things or you can do them online at!ninja-games/zeyw4 .

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