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A Magical Kid's Night Out

This Saturday, May 28, is Gymnastics Elite's MAGIC themed Kid's Night Out and is the best "babysitting" service in El Paso for the night! This event gives both you and your children an evening of fun and a break from the usual, same old, average Saturday night activities. The night is going to be a magic filled one complete with spellbinding games and activities and even a miraculous magician! He will be putting on a show for the kids that is sure to leave them mesmerized and wanting more. How many chances do they get to see a real live magician and have the experience of trying to figure out how he does his mysterious tricks? Well this Saturday's Kid's Night Out is the perfect opportunity to give them that special chance! Your kids will be having an extraordinary time getting out of the house and socializing and making friends while you have a night to do with what YOU want and have a extraordinary night of your own. You can be out having dinner at your favorite restaurant while we provide your child with their favorite dinner, a pizza party and popcorn as an extra special treat! This is an event where your kids will be in the safe hands of "babysitters" that are trained coaches! We are confident that our coaches are pretty much the safest hands you can leave your child in for a night of dancing and free play in our gym. This magical Kid's Night Out is guaranteed to leave your child entranced!

These events are EVERY 2nd and 4th Saturday of EVERY month and are from 6:00-11:00 pm and for children 3 yrs. of age and up.

It will be $20 if you sign up before 2:00 of that Saturday and $30 for walk ins so don't wait to sign up!

Sign up by going to our front desk, visiting out website and clicking on "payments" at the top of the page or you can always give us a call at (915) 590-9056.

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