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Summer Fun Without All That Sun!

Sometimes the summer sun and heat can get to be a bit to much for party guests to deal with. They want to relax and enjoy the company and food in comfort and not fanning themselves or wiping sweat from their brow the whole time. Plus, who says that you have to have a party outside in order to get that awesome summer vibe? With the right theme, decorations, and activities you can have all of that classic summer fun without having to suffer through the fierce summer heat! Here at Flips Birthday Party Hall we can bring those good aspects of summer inside where there is air conditioning! There are so many themes to choose from like a Tropical Island/Luau or At the Beach themes that would work perfectly. Another theme that captures the feel of the season is our Carnival theme which makes you feel like you are at one of these ol' time summer events that are a staple of the summer! We also offer the perfect "cooling down" treat, snow cones, that come in a variety of different flavors. Our facility is also HUMONGOUS so you and your guests can still have the same feeling of running around freely as you get outside. You have a huge space for you to take advantage of and play all sorts of fun, active summer games but without the fear of all the sunburns and sweating! Let us help you BEAT THE HEAT!

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