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A Gym Designed for the Average Kid

You don't have to have future Olympic aspirations or be throwing the hardest skills to get something out of a gymnastics class here at Gymnastics Elite. We believe and have seen with our own eyes that the sport of gymnastics helps and benefits children, parents, and coaches alike in many different areas of life outside of the gym. The sport, of course, helps keep your kids active, healthier, and out from in front of a computer, television, or phone screen and gives them one of the best workouts they can get while feeling like they are just playing and not even noticing it but there is so much more to it than the physical aspect. In one of our gymnastics classes they are required to listen, pay attention to their coach, and show self control if they want to learn the skills or participate in the activities. They learn that if they want to learn anything they have to do their part and put in the work and cooperation. There is also the important social aspect of the classes where they are going to have get along within a group of diverse kids. Our coaches enforce a code of conduct that includes using manners, consideration, and respect as a standard in every interaction whether it be with the coach or their fellow classmates. They get a chance outside of school to make friends and to be and feel apart of a community which builds their confidence and gives them a good social foundation. This can have long term effects like decreasing the risk of future depression and anxiety and increasing the odds of a well rounded and adjusted adult. It is never too young to push your child past their comfort zones and push past their fears and hesitations to challenge themselves in order to learn and grow. We are not here to train pro gymnasts or at least that is not our main goal. Our main, most valued and important goal above anything else is to teach every student something that will help them and benefit them in their lives outside of the gym or gymnastics and long into their future!

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