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Hawaiian Luau Kids Night Out

Aloha! We are always trying to keep our classic Kids Night Out event fresh ,new, and creative and this is why we are excited to be having a Hawaiian Luau themed one! This theme fits perfectly with the summer season and the heat that we have been having. We are going to be giving the gym and lobby a tropical transformation that is sure to set the island vibe that we are going for! We are going to be doing the usual activities and having the same games for your kids to play with their gym buddies but just with a little Hawaiian twist. Your kids will be hula dancing, hula hooping, and limbo-ing the night away!And since luau means feast then we HAVE to provide them with just that in the form of delicious. cheesy pizza! To get even further into the spirit of this event we suggest that your kids wear something that really makes them feel like they are going to an island party. Hawaiian shirts or any clothes that have tropical flowers or themes and flower crowns, just flowers in their hair or the classic Hawaiian lei (flower necklace) are all sure to do the job. When you look the part then it always just seems to add to the fun! By the time you pick them up from this event they are going to be ready to go straight from the party to the bed and you can continue on with your relaxing summer night. We'll take on the jobs of feeding and tiring them out for bed on this night so that you can have it to do with what you want. We all need a night off sometimes! Your kids will have a night of fun that will help them get into and enjoy their summer vacation and you get a vacation for a night! Aloha!

It will be from 6-11 pm and is $20 for those who sign up before 2 pm of that Saturday and will be $30 for walk-ins. Sign up at the front desk or click on the link here!payments/csdj

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