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The Ninja Games Are Back!

The Ninja Games are fast becoming a favorite here at Gymnastics Elite and we couldn't be happier! This event is pretty much an open one, with all children from ages 5-13 yrs. are invited to come and we mean ALL. It doesn't even matter if you are enrolled in one of our Ninja Zone programs or are even registered here with us at Gymnastics Elite. All you have to do is sign up, pay a mere $5 and sign a waiver real quick and off they go to show off their tough skills. This is a perfect chance to try out the program if you or your child have every been interested in the slightest! And don't let anyone tell you that this a program just for the boys because girls are just as welcome and capable of doing all of the gritty skills and activities that will be present at this event. Speaking of activities, there are going to be a variety of different obstacle courses set up throughout the gym and of course our giant wall will be available to climb and conquer! Towards the end of the event, after every child has had a chance to try out the skills and get familiar with the obstacle courses, there will be a friendly, no pressure competition. Whoever completes the courses the fastest and correctly will be awarded NINJA CHAMPIONS for their excellence and effort. There is no uniform required except for gym/workout appropriate attire or you can always represent Ninja Zone with your ninja gear if you have it! Hope to see you there!

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